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The disruptive innovation in the packaging industry is the packaging box inserts adn dividers; this helps you transport products safely. We offer high-quality cardboard and corrugated inserts, dividers, partitions, and pads at wholesale prices.

Group Your Products with Packaging Inserts for Boxes

The latest innovation to disrupt packaging is the insert in the box; it allows you to transport goods securely. We provide premium boxes, cardboard inserts pads and partitions at wholesale costs.


Simplicity is the best; we made it easier for you to order custom boxes in 3 steps.


You may be intersted in custom boxes and shipping boxes for your business.


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Product Boxes

Designed Cardboard Boxes make your business product as a brand & increase your sales.

Mailing Boxes

It’s similar to paperboard box, which is usually used to transport goods. It is simple to put together since

A great way to complete any custom box is with box inserts or dividers. These separators are great for storing products in their containers during transportation. They are also an elegant way to present packaging inserts for product boxes. If your products are fragile or broken, they are essential.

Custom cardboard inserts or dividers are standard. Used for glass products, such as bottles and ampoules. Divisions are essential for goods in transit. They help you separate your products, distribute your space and stabilize your belongings. Many factors can cause breakage or damage, inserts or dividers made in single-walled corrugated or double-walled corrugated Formats in any cell configuration. It’s the best way to inspire confidence in Your customers and distributors.

Adjustable Box Dividers

Design custom sized boxes to meet your needs. Delivered flat for easy storage 100% recyclable and biodegradable. These adjustable box divider insert are a unique way to create suitable packaging for bottles, jars, and glasses.

Why Packaging Inserts?

In the case of using customized packaging inserts for boxes, they can meet any requirement. Whatever category of products you’re working to, you will find many kinds of cardboard divider to you in accordance with your needs.

Single wall cardboard dividers

Recyclable universal cardboard dividers are the ideal custom packaging solution for cardboard boxes that require segmented protection. These perforations are easy to break and allow users to make slots in a custom size for various applications.

They can be slotted and customized to fit many different sizes of cardboard box divider inserts. Our universal dividers and custom box inserts can be used to protect and distribute bottles and electrical goods. You can layer separators in a box with an optional layer. There are few sizes of cardboard sheets, which will fit in the most used boxes. You can also view our cardboard page for other sizes. Watch the video demo below to see how they can be used.

Style and Design

The packaging inserts are available in an array of designs and styles to solve your packaging errors. However they’re mainly straightforward since they are designed for inner packaging purposes.

These inserts are designed by us to give you complete support for your product. For instance, you could make use of them to organize and make compartments for your items within the packaging. Additionally, they are made in as to provide the security of locking.

Packaging Inserts For Your Brand

Bespoke Packaging Boxes is known for its custom packaging solutions that can be applied to die cut cardboard inserts too. You are free to pick the materials size, shape and color. For those who require a custom designed box partition or a scored pad as well as a box separator we have everything to help your needs.

We value our customer sand that is why we work hard to give the best quality service for our clients. If you come to us we will show you that you can access a new world of types of inserts to choose from depending on your needs. large, small or thin. We have provided you with the simplicity of work to complete; you just need choose which box insert you want.

Friendly Asked Question from Our customers

What are box inserts called?

Print your packaging inserts. You can use custom box inserts (also known as packaging inlays) to ensure your products stay inside the box. These cardboard box divider uk can be made of paper, cardboard, corrugated or foam.

What are box dividers?

Box dividers, also known as box partitions, are compartments you can use to store multiple products within a single container. Smaller items can be stored in the custom-made corrugated or light cardboard box.

What are layers of cardboard called?

These are collectively called containerboards. The layers of paper that cover the outside are called the lining. Corrugated medium refers to the middle layer of corrugated material with a wave-shaped structure. But cardboard inserts for boxes are the best way to protect your product from damage.