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Bespoke Packaging Boxes prodvide you some cardboard boxes you may intersated these boxes 

Custom E-Liquid Boxes

We understand the packaging needs of modern custom e-liquid boxes. Invest your trust with us and get custom boxes.

Custom Product Boxes Packaging

Manufacture your perfectional custom product boxes with logo and make your business as a branded product in the whole market.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Deliver your products safely in high quality mailer boxes made from cardboard and corrugated material.

A Quick Introduction to the Cardboard Material

In this post you will find a brief introduction to the cardboard material and its uses.

Cardboard is a hard material used mainly for the production of custom packaging boxes. Moreover, it acts as the main packaging material and for shipping purposes. Basically, it is used as the main protective source for a product during harsh environmental conditions. If you require sturdy boxes to deliver your product, and the product is too sensitive to withstand all the transportation jolts, so what will happen to it. Obviously, it will be damaged or completely destroyed, so in order to regulate the proper safety of the product, an organized and good quality of cardboard boxes is very necessary.

Because it is a fairly common object in commercial markets, as well as used by top brands, so it comes in different sizes and shapes, because each product cannot fit only in the same size of cardboard box. It can be found in different sizes.

Cardboard Box Types

Since, the cardboard boxes protect the product from extreme pressures and also helped a business to pack the product properly, so they come in different types as:

Paperboard Box

It actually comes in the form of inches and contains a thicker material. It requires proper manufacturing procedure. Because it is actually thicker than other papers so provides rigidity and support to many products.

Corrugated Box

It is a durable form of cardboard and contains corrugation material of corrugated boxes. It may be a single wall; double wall or triple wall depends on the requirement of the product.

Moving Box

It is used when a product is delivered through moving vehicles as in a truck, car, or bus.

Pizza Box

The Pizza box is the most common form of cardboard and uses to provide resistance to pizza during the delivery of an eatable.

Mailing Box

Mailing box is mostly used at post office area for delivering of an item during shipping and carrier services.

What is Cardstock?

It is the thickest type of cardboard than traditional writing paper because it is the most flexible of all that’s why can be used as a postcard, catalog theme, and as a softcover in books. It is a source for making a business card. It is strong enough to resist any external pressures, it is smooth enough to be carved. People decorate it in different types and designs in order to produce attraction. Sometimes it is painted and colored with beautiful printing themes.  

Because of its smoothness and lightweight attribute, it can carry anyway and be used in any form. Sometimes it is used for drawing purposes.

How Cardboard is Helpful?

Quick raised bed trash of cardboard can prove useful if you recycle it in a proper way. It can hold very appealing objects in form of flowers and certain things so in this way you can create awareness that how even trash can prove useful.

Cardboard as Packaging Material

As we had discussed earlier that it provides proper support to a product. If it is strong enough then it will be appealing to customers. It has lots of benefits as compared to traditional packaging, let’s take a quick view.

Cardboard an Eco-friendly Object

Cardboards are the eco-friendly packaging material you will ever found. While others use plastic or some other type of material, if you give importance to cardboard packaging and kraft boxes, you will make the earth the best place due to its eco-friendly nature.

But the thing is that people are now concerned about the environment so if they find any packaging harmful to the ecosystem they will soon stop using it. So obviously, a product profit will suffer. In order to avoid all these circumstances, it is recommended to use screwfix cardboard boxes . It is less economical, user-friendly, and pleasant for the ecosystem.

What are Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

There are many kinds of custom printed cardboard boxes that we utilize throughout our day-to-day routine. These boxes are a great value on retail packaging. Custom boxes wtih logo are able to personalized in every way and can protect your product.

They can be used for any type of product to get the most effective outcomes. It is possible to design your box in any shape and styles to fit the market you are in. If you’re interested in branding your brand with custom-sized cardboard boxes, we can offer the most effective packaging solution.

These boxes are cheaper to transport bulky products. They are Custom Printed cardboard boxes are sturdy, robust, and will secure your item with certainty.

Cardboard and Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging for cosmetics is vital for cosmetics manufacturers since it decides how the beauty product is displayed to the consumer and also the information regarding the contents and the brand that consumers see.

It also plays an important part in marketing the product by educating consumers about the advantages or ingredients through colors, shapes, etc.

One way in which cosmetic manufacturers can attract attention to their products is by using extravagant unique packaging. But the majority of companies are shifting to less costly material for their products in order to reduce expenses and boost sales.