Eco-Friendly Brown Kraft Packaging Boxes

kraft metrial that we use for custom boxes is made of recycled materials from the consumer market! Kraft boxes are among the most convenient of all packaging boxes. They’re environmentally friendly as well. We can provide custom-printed kraft boxes of every size, shape colors, styles, and sizes depending on the product packaging needs.

The people who run e-commerce and retail businesses often have a difficult time to promote their products. Selecting the appropriate packaging for their product is difficult for many businesses. Custom Kraft Boxes are among the most suitable ones for any kinds of products. Apart from that, they are the best for safe and secure shipping of products that are fragile.



Simplicity is the best; we made it easier for you to order custom boxes in 3 steps.

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Natural Brown Kraft Paper and Its Importance for Packaging Boxes

With the increasing demands for a more environmentally sustainable packaging method, Kraft paper has made an impressive contribution to meeting these needs. It is not a secret that packaging made of kraft paper is gaining recognition in the packaging industry, and the potential of this product continues to expand.

What is the reason? Let’s get right into the details of what kraft paper is, and the reason it’s gained so much recognition!

What exactly is Kraft Paper?

Kraft, which comes from the German term “strong” Kraft is a strong word, and kraft paper is precisely what it sounds like! 

Natural kraft paper is long-lasting and tear-resistant, and brown due to the pulping process used in kraft. Perfect for making strong wrapping paper and sturdy cardboard boxes, the kraft paper board is available in a variety of shades and colors, making it very versatile for branded kraft packaging solutions.

The surface of Kraft paper is rough and porous, allowing superior printing and finishing to create an elegant rustic appearance.

The History of Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is a packaging material that gets its title from its Kraft pulping process, which Carl F. Dahl of Germany invented in the 1880s. Typically, wood is first ‘pulped’ (ground to a pulp) during the production of paper. However, Dahl discovered that treating cellulose pulp using some chemicals (sulfates) enhanced its strength.

The paper was initially used for wrapping. However, kraft paper’s rugged and durable nature has made it the most popular choice for packaging solutions, such as the iconic brown cardboard box that we recognize today.

Kraft Vs. Regular Paper

Many people might think, “it’s just paper; why is it unique? But, to put it simply, Kraft paper is more durable.

Through the kraft process mentioned earlier, more lignin is removed from the wood pulp in kraft and leaves more cellulose, making paper tear-resistant and challenging. Plain kraft paper can have more permeability than standard papers and, consequently, slightly less efficient in printing, but it is highly receptive to specific finishing processes like:

  • Embossing/debossing
  • Stamping with foil

Kraft Paper for Packaging Boxes

Nowadays, kraft papers are mainly used to make corrugated boxes, but they are recently becoming trendy for cartons! Due to its enduring nature, the online industry benefits from corrugated boxes that protect the products and make sure they can withstand harsh shipping conditions.

Companies also employ Kraft carton boxes made of paper to meet sustainability targets and effectively portray green initiatives with brown kraft paper’s raw and rustic design. Kraft paper is highly versatile and can create various creative kraft boxes available in the current packaging industry.

The Different Types of Kraft Paper

Coated Unbleached Kraft

This is thought of as the principle of versions. There isn’t any ‘bleaching’ or any further chemical additions other than those that are patented by the kraft procedure. It is the reason it’s also known as Solid Unbleached Sulfate or SUS. It is made up of 80percent virgin fiber wood and cellulose pulp.

It is highly tear-resistant and incredibly rigid without being overly thick. In reality, it’s the thinnest of all kraft candle packaging substrates. It is naturally formed titanium dioxide-kaolin clay coating on its surface to increase the smoothness of its surface and facilitate printing.

Coated Recycled Board

CRB is 100% recycled Kraft paper. Because it is not made from virgin fiber, its specifications/tolerances are more minor than SBS. This makes it simple for manufacturers of products to pass along the cost savings to customers and gain an advantage in the marketplace.

The materials mentioned above refer to what we typically think of as a folding carton. For corrugated boxes, strength can be obtained using Kraft paper layers. This is referred to as “fluting.”

What are the Benefits of Kraft Paper?

In addition to its durability and security, it is entirely ecologically friendly. It is naturally degraded after several weeks and then degrades like leaves that fall from a tree. It does not impact the environment; however, nobody has to wait.

In reality, kraft papers can be reused for new packaging. Green and FSC approved recycled containers could boost sales for your product because the world is now recognizing how important the planet is and why it should be protected.