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Custom Boxes By Styles and Shapes

Select Box Style For Your Product Packaging & Printed With Brand Logo

We are a top-quality manufacturer who has been urged by our customers to be a leader in the packaging industry as well. We employ all of our designers who are passionate about creating any dimensions, shapes, or styles to build their companies’ brand identity on their nexus. First Impression is our first option!

Remember that in this highly fast-paced world, it’s just one glance to create an image that will remain in customers’ minds by using the solution for packaging and printing you pick. If you understand the meaning behind our words that you already have our urge to upload your best image! Our team of structural designers is always eager to design something new for our body types and the most appealing feature about them is that they are not a fan of monotony. All you need to do is weave your way to our doors and we’ll provide you with nothing less than but what you want!


How do you measure a box?




Measure the height of the package. Height is the only dimension without a flap.




The first dimension to measure is length. Length is always the longest side of the box that has a flap.




  • The next dimension is width. The width side also has a flap, but is always the side shorter than the length.


Simplicity is the best; we made it easier for you to order custom boxes in 3 steps.